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Discover the No.1 Reason Why Horses Win Races

By on Oct 12, 2016 in Aida Racing |

On Monday of this week in the 4.10 at Yarmouth Hope Against Hope won at a massive 50/1 (almost 63/1 on Betfair, high of 990/1). Many people would have been asking ‘how’? maybe even ‘why’?.

Here’s why – Have you heard the saying ‘weight stops trains’? If it’s enough weight it will stop any train of course or virtually anything for that matter, including a racehorse. Inversely if a horse is carrying a little, or a lot, less weight than they are capable of carrying and still run to their full ability, then they could well have a solid chance of winning their respective race.

I was told several years ago now by a pro-backer that horses will run to 95% or more of their ability most of the time. We’ve all seen horses giving it their all and that’s not because they all want to win, but because there’s someone on their back urging them on. Horses are flight animals and when ridden correctly they will run and run and run, giving their all in as much as they can.

If the weight they are carrying is too much, as it were, then they will simply not be able to run as well as they are capable of doing. However, if the horse is carrying a weight that allows them to run to their ability then they should run well. Obviously there’s other factors that could prevent let’s say the ‘best’ horse in the race winning (taking into account ability and weight), but given a level playing field this line of reasoning works.

Hope Against Hope, the 50/1 winner, was one of two Both Barrels Racing System horses in the race, (they other lost at 16/1).  It wasn’t exactly an emphatic win as she only won by 1/2 a length, that said she did do well to win after being shuffled back at one point too.

The Both Barrels Racing System has now proved itself over and over again. It is simple and yet highly effective when it comes to finding winners. I am going to do another print run soon (October) so if you’d like a copy get in touch before they run out again.

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Neil Davies