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The King, the Arrow and Both Barrels

By on May 6, 2016 in Aida Racing |

It’s been said many a time in this game, but finding winners is never easy, although it’s always easy after the race has been run to see what you should have done.

This post is about my systems in general, mainly the Aida’s Arrow System and the King Racing System and there’s also a sneak into what has to be the most prolific and ridiculously simple system I have been following that I have overlooked for years.

First off, I want to give you some results for today and this week for the King System, which has been doing rather well.

Today at Chester…

2.40 Viren’s Army Won at 12/1 (King System) beating the hot favourite and my first choice (foolishly) Linguistic.

3.10 Wicklow Brave 2nd at 4/1 (King System) was beaten by a neck, but William Buick had dropped his whip and the result could well have been a winner.

4.20 Captain Revelation at 25/1 (King System) was beaten into 2nd place by 3/4 of a length, and had he had a better draw could well have won. The winner had an great draw.

The only other selection was well beaten at 7/1. The winner was the strongest Aida’s Arrow horse of the day (Argent Knight at 3/1).

The King System is simple, very logical and like all of my systems has been well proven and will never stop finding winners. It can also be used with most Newspapers.

The Aida’s Arrow System, is however, still my No.1. It’s a full well rounded and absolutely proven system. The downside to it is that while Aida’s Arrow horses win a large precentage of races, there is almost always a choice of horses that qualify and it’s not always the stronger looking one that wins.

Today there’s been some good winners but one race I marked off in particular showed just how accurate it can be. I am talking about the 5.30 at Ascot where I marked off three horses, the strongest one won. Here’s the result which are the three that the system identified…

1st Argent Kinght 3/1
2nd Seaside Sizler 13/2
3rd Wordiness 25/1

I have seen this happen a lot and there was one earlier this week too. The Tricast in the above race paid £416.52! According the the AA System these were the three top horses and the winner was the strongest.

While racing can rarely be said to be predictable, many races do end up being run to form, i.e. all horses run to their true ability, and when this happens the AA system often comes up trumps.

Other Aida’s Arrow horses that won today include Happy Call at 5/1, Happy Hollow at 7/4, Viren’s Army at 12/1, Indira at 7/1, Dance King at 16/1

The beauty of the system is that you can be as selective as you want. If you only want to back the strongest horses then that’s what you look for. Alternatively if you want to back in several races a day you’ll almost always find qualifying horses.

Finally Both Barrels – This is a dual Racing System manual that I might be releasing in the near future. That said however I am not going to be keen to see it known far and wide and this is finding me a huge number of winners from very very little effort. I am not exaggerating when I saw it can often be prolific, and it works especially well in certain types of races too.

Some winners and placed horses today have come in at the following prices: – 5/1 Won, 7/4 Won, 7/1 2nd, 7/4 Won, 3/1 Won, 4/1 2nd, 5/2 Won and 11/4 Won.

Earlier this week I have found these winners using it…7/2, 12/1, 5/2, 3/1, 7/2, 7/2, 7/1, 10/1, 8/1, 5/1, 6/5, 10/11, 3/1, 7/4, 7/2, 9/4, 7/4, 5/2, 13/8, 6/1, 5/4, 11/4, 5/2, 10/3, 7/2, 11/10 & 3/1. (There was close placed horses too)

You might have guessed there can be a fair few selections but I certainly don’t back them all and it’s always handy to know a bit about the AA system too to find the more likely winners. But sometimes just keeping things simple is the most effective and as this method is so very quick and easy it’s something that is helping me tremendously.

Look out for more information on Both Barrels if it’s simplicity that you are after!

Finally, I wouldn’t want to leave out the Proven Profits Racing System which I know many of my long term clients have a copy of. There’s a fundamental principle with this system but three ways which a horse can qualify. However, the best bets are when I horse qualifies for two of the three or even three of three as one did yesterday and promptly romped in at 9/2.

This system does not find anywhere near as many selections as the Aida’s Arrow does, but that’s because the two a quite different in the way they work. I have one client who has been a customer for over 10 years now and he still says it is my best system.

Some Proven Profits Racing System winners this week include: – Happy Call 9/2, Kachy 5/2, Ice Slice 7/4, Loughalder 9/2, I’m In Charge 8/1, Gurkha Brave 11/10, Basford Ben 3/1, Scotswell 10/3, Ice Slice 5/2 and Rousayan 6/1.

If you want any further information on anything mentioned in the blog post just let me know.

Thanks for reading

Neil Davies