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Would Cue Card have Beaten the Supreme Don Cossack?

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Having just watched the Timico Gold Cup at Cheltenham, I can’t help feeling that Cue Card blew what looked to be like a huge chance. While I was on the winner Don Cossack having preferred the big gelding to  the Willie Mullins trained Djakadam, my heart was with Cue Card who was my other bet in the race.

Cue Card raced behind the leading four for most of the race and as the pressure increased and Smad Place dropped out of contention Cue Card looked for a way through and after the fourth last found it and moved ominously to the front. Then coming up to the third last fence it looked like he just didn’t come up for the jump, ploughed straight through it and his chance was gone.

Don Cossack after that looked in control and while Djakadam kept on trying to close the favourite had the race in his control and won by 4 1/2 lengths. There was a further 10 lengths back to Don Poli, also trained by Willie Mullins.

Why did I picked these two horses to put my money on? First off on rating Cue Card and Don Cossack came out on top with the winner being my strongest selection, and a much better price in the morning too. I was also encouraged by Cue Card’s three wins over the course, which can often be a very important factor especially on the top class courses.

While I think Channel 4’s The Morning Line has gone seriously downhill in recent years, at least where talking about the actual racing is concerned, I did catch Tom Segal (Pricewise) say that he felt Don Cossack had the best chance in the race. While he rarely tips short priced horses, Tom Segal is a shrewd judge and without any doubt he knows exactly what he is talking about. He’s very modest about it too.

In closing, it’s obviously impossible to know if Cue Card would have continued his solid run and beaten Don Cossack but there’s no doubt in my mind that he would have given the eventual winner a battle. Unfortunately we’ll never know if Colin Tizzard’s top horse would have lifted the Cup and next year at 11 years of age it’s less likely he’ll run as well, if he runs.

As I have said many times before, racing is a tough game and if you can’t take the downs along with the ups, you’d better get off the rollercoaster. For anyone wanting to learn more about racing and how Aida Racing could help you improve your strike rate, strategy and overall chances of coming out on top, give us a call.

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Could You Have Picked This Winner 09000-0 at 12/1?

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Most people will convince themselves that with form figures as this one 09000-0 the horse would have no chance and they could never have picked it.

However, while this horse could not go down as an official strong bet in my book, City Of Angkor Wat’ (2.20 at Wolverhampton today) did actually quality for 4 FACTORS of my top system. It is only fair to say that only 2 of the 4 Factors where from the fundamental group of 4 (top performers) and the horse was the 2nd top for one of those too.

But, whichever way you look at it the horse qualified top in this race for my top system and it just goes to show that form figures, even ones at poor as 09000-0 do not tell the full story.

The result of the race was…1st City Of Angkor Wat – 12/1 (by 1 1/4 lengths)

This was no fluke, no accident. The horse won on his merits and the system many people regard as my masterpiece (there words not mine) proved its worth once again.

If you are interested in finding out everything I know about finding winners and making a profit from horse racing let me know as I have a unique and exclusive two-Day event taking place in May.

Day 1 is a Racing Profits Seminar (Max of 30 people).

Day 2 is a V.I.P. Race Day, 3 course lunch, champagne and more.

This isn’t for most people of course but if you fancy combining a unique and highly informative Seminar with a weekend away for two (hotel, transport, private chalet/box at the races) let me know ASAP and there’s a significant early-bird offer.

You will learn exactly how and why the above horse romped in at 12/1 despite those (at first glance) dreadful looking form figures.

Thanks for reading as always.

Neil Davies – Aida Racing


Free Bets from Aida Racing

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There’s some cracking racing today and while I only have one 5 STAR Strong Bet there are quite a few horses and races where I will be having an interest.

If you are interested here’s what I am going to do…

Lingfield 1.55 No.2 Midtech Star just about makes it as an F10 System Strong Bet and Apache Glory is also an F10 Bet – I therefore suggest a Reverse Forecast on these two, although if I was to back just one it would be Midtech Star.

Lingfield 4.15 No.6 Race Day is an F10 selection although not a strong bet. I also like the look of the potentially classy Adventurous and I have done a Reverse Forecast on these two also. It is in all fairness a very tough looking race however.

Doncaster 3.45 Drop Out Joe is the strongest AA System horse in the race and with Richard Johnson in the saddle I’ll be having a bet on him. However, The Last Samuri also looks very solid and it should be a very good race where I hope one of those two will be victorious.

Newbury 3.35 No.5 Art Mauresque should have a good chance for Paul Nicholls and Noel Fehily and the price isn’t too bad either. Also Ultragold is an F10 qualifier and while this is a step up in class he could also run a big race.

Stratford 2.55 No.1 Neworld if running as well as last time out should have a good chance in this Conditional Jockeys’ Seller.

I have mentioned the FACTOR 10 System several times above. It is about to be renamed the £10,000 Secret System and if you’d like to hear the story I have recorded a video to tel you all about it. You can find it here

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Neil Davies

T 01490 460239


Is a 2/1 or 7/4 Favourite too short?

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I marked off two system horses today both qualified for my No.1 system, Aida’s Arrow and one also qualified for my No.2 system FACTOR 10, both horses won and I’ll tell you why I didn’t back either in a moment, but are those prices too short for you?

The first winner was in the 3.10 at Sandown ‘Conas Taoi’ who romped in at 7/4 by 16 lengths. This horse qualified for 5 of the 9 Factors associated with the Aida’s Arrow Racing System. (4, 5 & 6 Factors can all be strong).

The second winner was ‘Air Of York’ in the 5.15 at Wolverhampton and this one romped in over just 7 furlongs to win by 3 1/4 lengths. Not only was this horse a strong Aida’s Arrow Racing System horse qualifying for 5 Factors, but the horse was also a strong qualifier for the FACTOR 10 Racing System (nicknamed the £10k system).

Here’s my reasons for not backing these horses, even if I do feel a little foolish now. Firstly one of the most important considerations in racing has to be Value, by that I mean the price has to be right for the horse and what they have done to date and in the respective race.

In the case of ‘Conas Taoi’ the horse had actually won four of his last five races and there races back had unseated his rider,so it could maybe have been five on the bounce. The horse was going for a hat trick over 3 miles and on forecast Soft going, which the horse was not proven on.

So, in the morning at least, I felt the horse was too short to be taking a chance on. I was, I am sort of pleased to say, wrong and my system once again provided a solid strong bet winner.

For both the Aida’s Arrow Racing System and the FACTOR 10 Racing System ‘Air Of York’ was carrying a 12lbs penalty after winning his previous two races. There was also a potentially strong contender in the second favourite who had also won three of his last five races.

I therefore decided that the price in the morning of 7/4 was just too short to be taking a chance on. Once again however my highly researched and long time proven and tested systems came up with the winner and I missed out.

It’s more than fair to say if you back every 7/4 and 2/1 shot you will almost certainly lose out month in month out, maybe with the odd exception. However, when these Favourites qualify in the way they did for my two top systems, maybe I should be and should have made an exception.

I’d certainly be interested in your own betting philosophy especially where priced is concerned.

If you have any questions about what I do and the Manuals I have produced in the last 10 years please email me, ( or you can find out a little more by following this link Click Here.

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Neil Davies – Aida Racing (Always learning)

The downs, ups and lately more downs of racing

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In my last blog post the Premium Strong Bet Service was flying high with close to 70 points having been made since August 1st this year (when the service launched). Since then I have to say my choices have been dreadful, well most of them anyway.

In my 10 years of taking horse racing professionally I have had plenty of ups and downs and lately it’s certainly fair to say there’s been a lot more losers than winners.

While some are quick to criticise, others are silent and some are very understanding – This is a tough way to make money.

Let’s take today for example and I will tell you about my thought process and both my Aida’s Arrow Racing System and my FACTOR 10 Racing System (See more here about my systems).

This morning my Aida’s Arrow System found a strong bet in Ashcott Boy (2.00 Plumpton) the horse just about made it as a FACTOR 10 strong bet too. The forecast SP however was 3/1 and all bar one of this horse’s opposition had finished placed last time out. The horse was not proven on Soft going either and was taking a step up in distance too. So it seemed logical at the time that the selection was too much of a risk.

Result – Ashcott Boy won at 11/2 by 3/4 of a length beating another F10 horse and the pair were clear of the third horse home by 16 lengths.

Instead I went for a lesser Aida’s Arrow horse in Akula in the 2.15 at Leicester, it was an open race as I had stated to my loyal band of members but I felt the price could drift to at least 10/1 and the horse was well worth a bet.

Akula did go off at 10/1 and went into the lead early on but was headed 3 out and finished a poor 4th in the end. The winner? That was another Aida’s Arrow horse in Sir Valentino (forecast at 10/1) who won very well at 4/1.

Then in the 3.15 at Leicester there was a horse I really fancied last timer out in Larkhall. He was taking a step up when I selected him but I felt he could cope, he didn’t any only finished 3rd. Today the horse took another step up in trip which puzzled me as he had appeared not to stay last time out and wouldn’t you know it but the horse went a won today by 3/4 of a length at 9/2.

My other fancy was at Wolverhampton in the 2.55 where despite not being proven over the trip I went for a good looking Aida’s Arrow horse who was also an F10 selection (not a strong one). It was another open race and there were two other F10 horses in it, I probably should have know better, but that’s always easy to say after.

The horse had some good form to his name both on All Weather and the Turf and in his last 6 races he’d finished 5th once, 3rd once, 2nd three times and won twice too.

My selection Rum Swizzle had a good position but with half a mile to go (2m 1/2f distance) it was apparent to me that my horse was not going to last home. He came in down the field and was well beaten.

Yes, you have probably guessed it, another system horse in Cavalieri won well at 5/1.

I don’t like to make excuses and my choices of late could certainly have been made with a little more wisdom and while I will soon be on the winning trail once more – experience has proven that many times over – Racing can be cruel and times and my betting bank has taken a big hit.

In fact it would have been massively more profitable to have Laid my selections on late, but no one will say that when a 14/1 shot comes in again as Third Time Lucky did on the service in The Cambridgeshire, one of no less than thirty four runners too.

Speaking of Laying however, I have a system coming out that while is much more than a Laying System, did start life as that.

I have been asked many times did I have a system that could be used with any Newspaper? My answer was always no, as the Racing Post has been my paper of choice for many years. However, I am about to release what I have renamed my Pro Lay Profit Formula which genuinely can be used with any newspaper (as long as it has the racecards of course).

This manual contains 100 winners and a loser, and explains in full detail how to either use the manual to Lay the favourite or to find a suitable race and back against them.

The odds of the favourites range from 1/6 on up to 5/2 and the vast majority where well worth taking on, i.e. there was more than once reason to do so.

If you want to know more just email me or call me on 01490 460239 and I’ll send you a letter or email you back.

Thanks for reading and to all my members, I will turn this form around just as soon as I can, believe me, I will.

Thanks for reading

Neil Davies – Aida Racing.

Third Time Lucky wins for Factor 10

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On Saturday I gave four horses out on the Premium Service Strong Bets and in the 34 runner Cambridgeshire there was just one horse to go for, that horse was ‘Third Time Lucky’ who romped in at 14/1. (We had another winner at 5/2 too).

Here’s some testimonials about this service…

“To anyone considering joining Aida Racing services do not hesitate to do so . As a current member I am really happy I have . In my short time as a member I look forward to their selections with so much confidence. The main reason I like this service is there is not a bet everyday which suits me grand. It’s also run by someone you can speak to on the phone. I could go on and on about this service but there’s no need to. Do yourself a favour and join today.”
Peter M. – Northern Ireland (Sept 2015).

“Terrific day, thanks again! Two nice winners! It’s a great feeling watching the horse you have backing winning at 20/1! Well done many thanks.
Paul W. – East Yorks (25th Sept 2015)

Thanks for a great week, five winners from ten bets, 20-1, 14-1, 4-1, 5-2, 9-4. Anyone looking for a genuine, reliable, honest racing service, I strongly recommend they try your Strong Bets. They won’t be disappointed, I firmly believe that this is one of the best services there is available for anybody looking to make money from their betting.”
Steve C – Norfolk (28th Sept 2015)

I am soon to publish these full set of results since this service started including advised prices, SP’s and comments. This has not been a lucky period of time for me, it’s just that I have found a way to consistently use my two top systems to find winners and placed horses.

If you want to join this premium service before the price rise, give me a call or email me (01490 460239) or (

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Neil Davies – Aida Racing

What’s wrong with backing odds-on?

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Some people would say it’s a ‘dead cert’ especially at the 4/9 SP that Golden Horn went off at Yesterday in the Juddmonte International at York, but in a horse race are you really going to risk £90 just to win £40?

This punter certainly isn’t going to back at crazy prices like that and here’s why. While it’s fair to say Golden Horn under maybe more favourable conditions and a less tactical race would very likely have come out on top. But, and it’s a big BUT too, the nature of racing is such that we cannot possibly take into account what will happen in the race itself itself when we ponder which way to bet.

We can study all the form we can get our hands on but once there are ‘no more bets’ taken the rest is certainly somewhat up to chance, regardless of how good an odds-on shot might have been in the past, there’s no way we can know with any certainty what will happen once the stalls open and ‘they’re off!’.

Golden Horn had won on the Good to Soft going once before in his five victories prior to yesterday’s race, but the other four were on firmer going and this point alone, as far as I am concerned, was enough to suggest that the hot favourite was far from a banker bet.

Backing at Odds-on will win you less than your stake every time your horse wins, and when your horse loses you will lose all of your stake – How can this ever be a sensible thing to do?

£173 profit from 13 bets, 46% strike rate

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Here’s my Premium Service Strong Bet results for August 2015

1st August
Goodwood 2.00 No.11 Direct Times – 13/2 5th (big field)
2.35 No.3 Dartmouth – Won 9/4
3.45 No.23 Magical Memory – Won 6/1
4.55 No.7 Solar Flair – Lost
Hamilton 7.45 No.6 Ocean Sheridan – Won 11/4

5th August
Pontefract 3.40 No.4 Leaderene – Lost 3rd 7/1

8th August
Haydock 2.20 No.6 Rembrandt Van Rijn – Won 7/2
Redcar 3.20 No.1 Order Of Service – Lost 5/1
Haydock 3.25 No.9 Roxy Star – Lost 4/1
Ayr 6.40 No.3 Jay Kay – Won 10/3

13th August
6.30 No.1 Memoria (Win at 3/1 or more) – Lost

15th August
Newmarket 2.50 No.5 Dawn’s Early Light – 3rd 11/2
Market Rasen 7.45 No.3 Count Salazar – Won 13/2

  • 13 bets, 6 winners
  • 17.3 points profit to level stakes
  • £173.00 winning to just £10 stakes
  • 46% strike rate
  • Select Bets only

To join this service for a month or the rest of this year email me on ( or call (01490 460239)

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The best way to win backing horses

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If you are anything like I was you have been looking for a solid dependable racing system for years and have not yet managed to beat the bookies with any consistency.

Whether you are backing horses to win or laying short prices favourites to loose the system I am about to tell you about wins with such consistency that it hardly ever fails to amaze me.

I put our four bets on Saturday to my Premium Strong Bet Service clients and just like the previous Saturday we were not disappointed. Well maybe a little as only two won and one horse ran well below what he had previously looked like she was capable of.

The other disappointing run was from ‘Order Of Service’ at Redcar and this one did not get a good start and never got into it. Still, you just can’t win them all.

However, there were two winners which gave me a 50% strike rate on the day and at prices of 7/2 and 10/3 it worked out at +4.83 points profit which even at £10 a horse is still close to £50 for a couple of minutes work.

My strongest bet was produced by the Aida’s Arrow Racing System and the horse was Rembrandt Van Rijn. The horse and jockey George Baker, ran a perfect race to win impressively by 2 lengths.

Here’s the comments made on the website…
Held up and behind, steady headway on outside over 2f out, quickened to challenge over 1f out, led inside final furlong, soon clear, easily opened 4/1.

Now, its fair to say that almost anyone can find a horse that has the potential to improve and win again, but the Aida’s Arrow System identified this horse as much more than just a potential improver. This horse was identified as an out and out strong bet and even though the race was a tough looking event with 7 horses at 10/1 or less in the forecast, my racing system selection was easily the best horse.

The other winner on the day was Jay Kay who ran in the 6.40 at Ayr. This was was very close to being just as strong at my first choice and also qualified for what I called my £10k Secret System the FACTOR 10 Racing System.

Here’s the race report for this selection…
Made all, set steady pace, quickened pace 2f out, ridden and stayed on gamely when pressed towards finish opened 3/1 touched 7/2.

Both horses qualified very well for my top system (See my Top 10 here) the Aida’s Arrow System and both won well.

If you have ever wondered how you can consistently beat the bookie, I can assure you, this is it! Of course they are not all going to win, but if you take everything in this comprehensive professional betting system into account, you will find many many winners and will be able to beat the bookie on a consistent basis.

The value of the Aida’s Arrow Racing System is £497 and believe me if you take it seriously and put some time and effort in, you will find that is it worth many times that amount. However, if you email me and quote ‘Rembrandt’ which tells me you have read this blog entry, I’ll give you £150 off and you will pay just a one-off £347.

I’ll also send you a free gift that previously sold hundreds of copies for £297, just quote ‘Rembrandt’ and ask for your free gift.

This system is so versatile that it can be used for backing horses to win, and there’s examples in the manual from 11/8 right up to and including 100/1, but also to find short priced favourites to lay too. So if you love to lay the favourite, and I’d rarely suggest there’s any need to lay bigger than 5/2, then the Aida’s Arrow Racing System will find them for you.

The system manual itself is 312 pages, there are 130 examples of winners and a full explanation showing you just how straight forward they are to find too.

If you are serious about backing more winners or laying horses to loose then you could do a whole lot worse than investing in this professional horse racing system.

If you have any questions or you want to order please email me on ( or call (01490460239).

Thanks for reading

Neil Davies – Aida Racing

Is 62% Strike Rate High Enough For You?

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Last week I launched my Premium Strong Bet Service and so far the strike rate has been a very impressive 62.5% with 5 winning bets from just 8 selections.

It could have been significantly better too and one selection dwelt in the stalls in a 5 furlong sprint so lost all chance and the price of another collapsed due to a fancied non runner. The each-way selection did make the frame in 3rd but was only 1/2 a length behind the winner too.

Here’s the selections…

24/7/15 Ascot 5.05 No.4 Fredricka (11/2) – Lost
29/7/15 Sandown 5.55 No.5 Jack Of Diamonds (9/2) – Won at 7/4
30/7/15 Goodwood 5.30 No.12 Showstoppa Each-way – 3rd 7/1 (very close)
1/8/15 Goodwood 2.00 No.11 Direct Times – 5th at 13/2 (27 runners)
2.35 No.3 Dartmouth – Won at 9/4 (Won comfortably)
3.45 No.23 Magical Memory – Won at 6/1
4.55 No.7 Solar Flair – Lost 7/2
Hamilton 7.45 No.6 Ocean Sheridan – Won 11/4

I have been using these systems for years now and they continuously prove time and time again they are better than anything else I have ever used.

This service is very selective and only bets that are available at 5/2 and over will be given except maybe in exceptional circumstances.

If this excellent strike rate continues to be 50% or over the price will be at least doubling so if you want in let me know ASAP.

Thanks for reading