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Discover the truth about finding winners

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And why most punters fail miserably, and how to find an everlasting supply of winners

Whether you’ve been backing horses for 40 days or 40 years, the one thing I can confidently predict is that you’ll know it’s never easy. Picking winners is a tough business and it’s taken me 20+ years to be able to find Proven and Consistent ways to do so, and even then, it’s still not always easy.

The Odds Are Always Against You!
It’s a Fact – this business is run for the ‘money men’ to keep on making them profits and it’s paid for largely by the punters, who, apart from a tiny percentage, just keep on losing, and will continue to do so.

Let’s face it, even when you think you are onto a good looking 5/2 shot in an 8-runner race, even if the selection has many of the boxes ticked in your favour, there’s still 7 other horses running against your horse.

Usually the 5/2 shot should certainly beat the 16/1 shot and the 25/1 shot, but the odds are still 5/1 against! And we’ve all seen a 10/1 or 12/1 shot that hasn’t been on the racecourse for over a year romp in turning over the Fav.

The Secret to Success is Knowledge
What I have put together over the years is a collection of Systems and Methods – They are not the ‘holy grail’ as it were, there is of course no such thing.

But, they most definitely are a collection of 100% Proven methods using a Systematic approach to finding regular and consistent winners.

If you really want to make your Racing pay, you need the definite edge
contained within these 100% Proven and unique Manuals.

Here’s the No.1 Reason Most Punters Will Keep Losing – And it’s Not What You Think

Believe it or not, in my opinion at least, the main reason punters lose and will continue to lose is because they have Unrealistic Expectations. Having unrealistic expectations when backing horses is the downfall on many a punter and will continue to be so.

If you put £500 into a Building Society on Jan 1st, how much will you have 12 months later? Maybe £530 if you are lucky.

So why it is that some people start with let’s say a £250 betting bank and expect to make £500+ a month? The fact is in this game, unless you are extremely selective, you will have more losers than winners and if your expectations are unrealistic, and most punters expectations are, you will keep on losing.

Why? – Unrealistic Expectations will usually result in the following: – (1) Too many bets, (2) Not getting Value and (3) Staking too much of your Betting Bank.

1. Too many bets will cause more losses because there will be horses that for one reason or another should not have been backed.

2. The lack of Value will reduce profit when you do win and it will usually mean that when a horse is a big price, although represents Value, many punters will dismiss the bet thinking due to the price the horse has no chance. This can and does serious reduce growth in any betting bank.

3. Staking too high a percentage of your betting bank means a bad run could wipe you out. If you are backing with 10% of your Bank for example, and you are not extremely selective, a run of placed and or losing horses will wipe out most betting banks.

There are of course plenty of reasons why the Big Bookies keep on winning and

Unrealistic Expectations will definitely help them continue to take advantage.

The Truth…
The truth is finding winners is tough, not all of the time of course (sometimes it can even feel easy), but finding a consistent stream of winners day in day out is far from an easy thing to do.

Racing is, as I have already eluded to, designed to make profits from those who run the sport, and we all know it’s not the punters who run it. Human nature itself is against us and usually the odds are too, so no wonder it’s so tough to make consistent profits backing horses.

And as the ‘Insanity’ quote from Albert Einstein goes…
“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

Now I’m not accusing anyone of being insane, but given how tough it already is to consistently find winners, it is surely madness to keep on backing in a hap- hazard manner without any proven strategic plan to stick to.

The Solution…
The solution, in part at least, is surely to learn as much as you can about why
horses win. Just like any other trade, specialism or hobby, you can’t expect to be good at it from day one.

Therefore, back in 2005 I decided to put into an easy to follow format my first Manual with lot of examples (proof) of how a systematic approach can often bring a good supply of winners.

Since then, as my knowledge has grown, the number of Systems, Methods and Manuals has also grown and some of these might well interest you and help you understand this game and more importantly enable you to find more winners more consistently.

Not including literally thousands of hours of my time, I have spent around

£30,000 in my pursuit of the Racing knowledge that I possess today. Through my Systems, Race Day meetings or Face-to-Face meetings you could discover every detail of that knowledge for yourself, and at a fraction of the cost too. That is of course, if you decide you want to learn all I have learned about finding winners.

If you’d like to know more about my work, over the last 10 years especially, I’ll happily post to you further information. You will not be added to any one else’s list. I’ll keep your details private and hopefully you’ll like what I have produced and find good use for the knowledge I have gained.

Neil Davies – Aida Racing