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Formidable Racing System Gets 5-Timer and 24.75 Points

By on Oct 30, 2016 in Aida Racing |

The formidable Racing System is called The Both Barrels Racing System and it is without any doubt, superb, and worth it’s weight in gold for sure.

The headline actually refers to just one horse that has been selected no fewer than 5 times on the run by the Both Barrels, but first here’s why the horse has frustrated me a little.

Back on September the 5th I marked off a horse in the morning called Formidableopponent as the sole Both Barrels horse in the race and saw he was forecast at 10/1. For whatever reason I failed to back him and even worse, with hindsight, failed to put the horse up as a selection. Having refined my selection process somewhat now for the system, Formidableopponent was clearly a strong bet too.

Yes, the horse romped in by over 2 lengths, leaving me delighted for system owners who backed the horse and frustrated at myself breaking one of my own rules and no backing him.

That rule is this, Don’t get confused or swayed by the difference between Facts and Opinions. Facts are of course facts and the horse qualified strongly for the System. However, opinions put forward by the person who writes the Spotlight column for example, are only opinions.

Now maybe it was a subconscious thing after reading the information or maybe I just broke my rule, either way I missed out on an excellent winner. The selection was just over 13/1 on Betfair too.

But it gets worse… On the 16th of September Formidableopponent was running again at Hexham and was once again the sole Both Barrels System selection in the race. I thought after an ‘out of the blue’ win as first 10/1 odds may have suggested, I decided I wouldn’t back the horse again. He won by a nose at 5/1. The first two home were however 7 lengths clear of the 3rd horse to cross the line.

Then on the 30th of September, the horse’s third run at the course in the same month, he was again a Both Barrels selections. ‘Hmm, surely after winning by just a nose last time he’s not going to get the hat-trick, is here?’

Formidableopponent won again, at 5/1 again and by a 1/2 length and then 15 lengths to the 3rd horse. On the 8th of October, you’ve guessed it Formidableopponent was a Both Barrels selection again, and I recall thinking to myself, ‘very few horses win four times on the bounce, leave him out Neil’…

After a 6 length win at 9/4 I had to smile and realize once again that horse’s make idiots of us from time to time, and maybe me more often than many,

Yesterday at Ayr, the same horse was the sole selection for the very same System and sure enough he won again. This time at 5/2 and by 3 3/4 lengths.

If you do the maths, you’ll find that those five wins netted a total of +24.75 points profit to level stakes, all from one horse and all from one great system.

If you do not yet have a copy of this incredibly simple and logical system, that gives you the choice of how many bets you want to place, and you’d like more information just let me know. If I can help you, I will.

Thanks for reading

Neil – Aida Racing